Meet the Team

Altitude Fitness Armidale (AFA) & Vera Vidya Yoga Studio would like to introduce our remarkable team. What a privilege to have so much knowledge, skill and experience in one local small business.

Ali Flynn
Founder and Director

Ali established AFA in 2009 to empower men and women to achieve a lifetime of fitness, health and self-worth. Ali has a long list of experience and qualifications, ranging from 10 years in counselling and therapy to training in Pilates, Boxing, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanics, Mobility Functional Training and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Ali acts as a Fitness Coach, Leader and Mentor for every person that enters the world of AFA. She is extremely hands on, designing every workout and class with 100% dedication and expertise. This means that you’ll never do the same program twice and she is constantly striving to improve the results and your experience with AFA.

Tilly Brauer cropped
Tilly Brauer
PT & Class Instructor

Tilly has worked in the fitness industry for the last 10 years, between having 3 children. She has a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and particularly loves training in strength, high intensity interval training and pre and post natal training. Tilly is passionate about being active and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She has also spent over 12 years in AgriBusiness in finance and operations.

Willow Noakes
Class instructor

Willow is a machine. She has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and specialises in cardio and whole body fitness. She has a passion for helping clients attain an avenue they enjoy and find challenging. She is tough but caring.

Hayden Freeman
Ironman Coach & Class Instructor

Born and bred right here in Armidale, Hayden has been racing in triathlons  since the age of 15 which has lead him to all parts of this state chasing his passion. he has been lucky enough to have trained to be in elite squads around the North West area and has represented NIAS at the Academy Games.

Leisa Hunt
Class instructor

Client turned trainer. Leisa's journey at AFA started in a beginners class, having never been to a gym or run 5 kms. Since then she has completed in so many events from half marathons to two half Ironman's. 

Her passion lies in strength. Leisa is currently studying her Australian Strength and Conditioning L1 Coaching course. So if you have any questions on strength training she is your woman. 


Brittany Freeman
Swimming Coach

Brittany has been a swimming coach for over 6 years. Starting swimming at 2 years old, Brittany went on to compete at state levels all throughout high school. She is passionate about teaching people from all walks of life about swimming. Her training philosophy is; to never give up even when it gets hard, encouragement is key and always make sure you have fun.

Kate Pattison
Yoga Teacher

Kate has a natural capacity for creating community around her. She is all heart and it shines through in everything she does. She first found Yoga after going through some life challenges. After spending years of working with others in youth work, she has found a home where she can teach and help others without burning herself out in the process. 

Kate is passionate about teaching people how to listen to their bodies and still their minds. She believes there is something in yoga for everyone, it’s about finding what works for you and discovering your full potential. Come and experience her amazing energy.

Kate specialises in Yin, Restorative  and Kids Yoga.

Caitlin Chalmers
Yoga Teacher
Caitlin aka Caity, has been practicing yoga for almost a decade and jumped at the opportunity to share her passion with those around her. 
She whole heartedly believes in the benefits that come from spending time in the studio: for your mind, your body and your soul.
Her aim is to create an inclusive and supportive environment for her students to grow and explore their potential. When not on her yoga mat, Caity can be found drinking coffee, doing a workout, reading a book or snuggling her beautiful little baby.
If you haven't tried one of her classes, you are missing out! Come into the studio and check her out,. 
emma 2
Emma Abbott
Yoga Teacher
We love nothing more than a client turned teacher. Emma has been with  our community since the very beginning when we were operating yoga classes out of a gym room. 
She has since gone on to complete her 200 hour yoga training and is currently studying pre and post natal yoga. 
Emma started her training for her self journey, not ever thinking she would step outside her comfort zone and teach. She absolutely loves that she can share her love and passion with those around her.
Emma has that unique ability to help you settle into your the mat and feel completely at ease. Her classes have a strong alignment focus paired with creative sequencing where she creates an inclusive space for anyone and everyone.
Elayna Moens
Yoga/Pilates Teacher

After growing up in Armidale, Elayna moved to Sydney in 2018 to pursue a career in dance and teaching. Following the completion of her diploma in dance at Ev & Bow, she decided to bring her newly acquired skills home. Elayna is incredibly passionate about yoga, pilates and wholistic wellbeing. She also has an interest in physical rehabilitation and loves to help people on the road to recovery. 

Using her dance background, she combines strength, stretching and meditation to help you feel like your best self!



Alfie is our youngest team member, joining us from his pack in July, 2018. He has come to the AFA team to help educate clients and staff on running techniques, wilderness survival and plyometric training. Alfie is much loved in the community and will be seen out and about at numerous sporting events…you may even catch a glimpse of him down the street.