AFA training is great for anyone who wants to train in a controlled environment, through personal training, small group training or our fitness classes. Our goal is for you to enjoy your training and look forward to working out, plus achieve great results through our structured workouts. If there’s something thing we understand well, it’s how to get you started and to keep you training! We cater for different levels of fitness, experience and confidence and we love clients who view training with us as an investment in their health, wellness and longevity.

AFA is led by the inspiring Ali Flynn, one of Armidale’s most respected Personal Trainers, and backed by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Our class sizes are capped, guaranteeing personal attention and technique guidance for every person. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach- we take the time to get to know you personally and to understand your fitness goals so that we can help you achieve them. We understand the role that psychology plays in your success and we help you to transform your thinking from training because you have to, to training because you want to. Our incredible staff want to see you fly and take the time to teach you correct technique so that you can confidently walk into any gym. We love nothing more than a client telling us they don’t need us anymore.

Depending on your Private Health Insurance provider and policy, you may be eligible for a rebate on your fees. It is important to remember that all health funds are different and offer different services - you will need to check with your service provider whether you are entitled to any rebates. In some cases an invoice or receipt of payment may be needed and this can be obtained by contacting the team via admin@altitudefitnessarmidale.com.au. Sometimes, a GP referral may be required to indicate that the fitness program is necessary due to an existing health or medical condition.

Don’t worry! Lots of our clients have had a break from fitness or have never trained before and this is one of the benefits of booking in with us. We pride ourselves on catering for all levels through each exercise and creating a supportive and friendly environment for people to feel accepted and not judged. We also offer beginner classes that can help to guide you through technique and individual exercises in order to help you progress to other classes when you feel ready and confident.

Dress in something comfortable. Most people wear shorts, 3/4 pants or long trackies and a comfortable top that covers the back of your pants. You will also need a pair of sand shoes and can talk to anyone on the team about where to go if you don’t currently have a pair. A water bottle, towel and jumper will also help you to get the most out of your sessions.

Our current Fitness Class timetable can be found by clicking here.

Group sizes vary depending on the class. Small group fitness is limited to 2-4 people, Yoga and Pilates classes are capped at 14 people and Fitness classes are capped at 17 people. These limited numbers ensure a personalised approach to your fitness.

You can do either. If you have a group of friends that you want to train with – perfect! There is nothing better than working hard, socialising and getting fit with a group of friends. Otherwise contact the AFA team who will be able to help place you in a group.

Yes! Our staff are trained in both pre and post-natal training and can safely and effectively guide you through your workouts.

All PT, small group training sessions and fitness classes are 45minutes, with the exception of Yoga classes which run for 60mins.

Due to our capped numbers it is essential that you speak with one of our team before starting a class. You can start the process by clicking here.

AFA classes are run from both 169 Miller Street and NEGS. The specific venue The timetable has the location underneath the class name. Please look at the maps below for directions.

Yes! There is always a wet weather option in case of rain or poor weather.

Absolutely! You can easily click here to get started. Or, have a chat to the team to see how you can kick start your fitness today.

We understand the importance of accountability and the social component of fitness. At AFA we encourage you to bring a friend, housemate, work colleague or partner to increase your long term success rate. It is a well-researched fact that you are much more likely to attend fitness if you are accountable to someone outside of yourself.

Our Flow Yoga classes focus on body awareness in a meditative and relaxing environment. Postures are designed to flow seamlessly from one to the next using your breath and to take you deeper into your body and mind, allowing everyday stresses to fall away. Classes help to develop body awareness, mindset, balance and core.


Pilates classes focus on building core strength by incorporating precise movements that require control and technique. They aim to build strength, flexibility, coordination and muscular endurance, with an emphasis on lengthening the body and improving spatial awareness. You will be working your body from the inside out and focus on perfecting movements before moving on. Pilates provides a strong foundation on which to enhance other movements.

Absolutely! Not only do we help you to set goals but we keep track of your progression towards achieving them. You will have the option of taking part in regular fitness testing to monitor your progress.